Bird Watching

Photo Credit: Jamie UmplebyPhoto Credit: John MoodyPhoto Credit: Jody FosterPhoto Credit: Jody FosterPhoto Credit: Jody Foster

Princeton is a bird watchers paradise with hundreds of species, both large and small, to be enjoyed.The Swan Lake Bird Sanctuary has 15 kilometres of self guided nature trails and two bird blinds where you can appreciate the birds, wildlife and plants in their natural habitat.

The 57 hectare area of land between Highway 5A and Princeton-Summerland Rd, just north of Princeton is known as the Swan Lake Bird Sanctuary & Nature Reserve. The area consists of a kettle lake surrounded by a riparian zone and grasslands. Over the years, seeding of native grasses, the removal of some invasive plants and the development of hiking trails has made this a wonderful place to visit. The addition of 2 bird blinds, several benches and picnic tables and an outhouse has made it enjoyable to view the diversity of wildlife found here. Over 128 species of birds have been sighted as well as black bears, badgers, weasels, coyotes, mule and whitetail deer, elk, long-toed salamander, great basin spadefoot toad, northern alligator lizard and other reptiles. There is also an abundance of wildflowers growing in the Reserve.

To get to Swan Lake cross the Bridge on Highway #5A and veer off to the right onto Old Hedley Road, take the first left onto Princeton Summerland Road (Hwy #40). Follow Hwy #40 for about 2.5km; look for the Swan Lake parking lot on the left (across from Princeton Castle Resort entrance).

Vermilion Forks Field Naturalists - Swan Lake Sanctuary Website