The Bronze Sculpture Capital of Canada

Princeton is the Bronze Sculpture Capital of Canada.  15 Bronze sculptures highlighting the diverse wildlife Princeton has to offer.  The Walk takes you through Princeton's main streets with excellent opportunities for pictures and viewing enjoyment. 

The Mountain Man (1903) Remington described "The Mountain Man" as on of the "old Iroquois trappers who followed the Fur Companies in the Rocky Mountains in the 1830's & 40's", probably referring to French Canadian trappers. The sculptor chose a dramatic episode in the daily life of a trapper, his and his mount's decent on an almost vertical slope. Man and horse work together to make the trip down a treacherously rocky decline: The horse has been given full rein to choose its pace and path; the rider leans sharply back and balances himself by holding on to the tail strap with his right hand.

Can you find all the bronze statues in Town? 

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